JFC Civils introduce CorriFlow Chamber to our range of stormwater management solutions

JFC Civils – CorriFlow Chamber

JFC Civils are delighted to introduce a bespoke range of prefabricated catchpit chambers which incorporate either a JFC Hydro-Valve or JFC Hydro-Plate flow control.

These products are individually fabricated to suit specific site information, such as levels, inlet / outlet pipe diameters and orientations, design flow and design head, etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast Installation.
  • Lightweight (compared to conventional construction manholes)
  • Designed to fit JFC CorriPipe™
  • Prefabricated.
  • No requirement for confined space entry (during installation).
  • Bespoke as per customer specifications.

Our CorriFlow Chambers are available in four diameters: Ø1050mm Ø1200mm Ø1350mm Ø1500mm. (Sized to suit JFC Hydro-Valve or Hydro-Plate design)

The CorriFlow Chambers come complete with either a JFC Hydro-Valve or JFC Hydro-Plate which is sized to suit the design flow and design head required. Ladders are also included in 1200mm and 1500mm chambers (if required).

Contact us today for more information on our CorriFlow Chamber or indeed on our complete range of stormwater management solutions available.

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