JFC supply a range of underground rainwater harvesting tanks suitable for potable and non-potable use.

If using the harvested water for dishwashers or washing machines a Micron Filter is also required. A UV Sterilizer is also necessary if using the water for hand basins or sinks. Drinkable water sources should be fed direct from the mains (kitchen tap etc.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced water charges : tank acts a reserve during periods of water shortages
  • Tank installation: Unlike other tanks which require concrete back-fill, JFC underground tanks can be back-filled with pea-gravel minimising the cost of installation
  • Installation in tight spaces: If space is tight or restricted the tank(s) can be assembled on-site (assembly instructions provided)
  • Water yield: The basket filters supplied with this system provide a 100% water yield (i.e. all of the water that flows via the downpipes into the tank will be harvested)
  • Automatic Mains-back-up systems ensure a continuous supply of water, even in the event of a power-cut.
  • A Pressure Vessel ensures that the pump is not activated every time someone flushes a toilet or uses a small amount of water from an outdoor tap for example. This helps to prolong the life of the pump.

Platin Tank System

This tank system is ideal for shallow excavations or areas where access is tight or restricted. It features a minimum installation depth which translates into a short installation time and low installation costs.   The professional, integrated filter technology is housed directly below the tank cover in the generously sized tank dome. A low maintenance solution with high water yield, it can be easily removed without any tools for inspection purposes. This tank package includes an in-built leaf filter and pump.

Product Code Description Capacity (L) Weight (lb) Dimensions (“)
390000 1500L Platin Tank 1500 175 83 x 49 x 28
390001 3000L Platin Tank 3000 375 96 x 83 x 29
390002 5000L Platin Tank 5000 530 114 x 91 x 37
390005 7500L Platin Tank 7500 795 142 x 89 x 49
JFC Flachtank 1500L

Advantages of Platin Rainwater Harvesting Tank

  • Minimum installation depth means a short installation time and low installation costs
  • Integrated tank filter packages
  • Can be driven over by cars when combined with a cast telescope
  • Extremely stable design – groundwater stable up to tank shoulder
  • 15 year warranty
  • Low weight – making it easy to transport
  • Modular Design – can be extended in any way
JFC Flechtank Modular System
Modular System
JFC Flechtank
Integrated Filter TechnologyGarden Application
JFC Tank Cover
Attractive Tank Cover Features a child-proof lock and an internal water connection

Carat Tank System

The “Carat” rainwater harvesting tank from Graf is one of Europe’s leaders in the field of underground rain water harvesting system solutions. Multiple tanks can be connected together if additional storage capacity is required. The Carat tank can be individually tailored to your needs as a garden or house tank using the modular system.

Product Code Description Capacity (L) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
372024 2700L Carat Tank 2700 120 2080 x 1565 x 1400
372025 3750L Carat Tank 3750 150 2280 x 1755 x 1590
372026 4800L Carat Tank 4800 185 2280 x 1985 x 1820
372027 6500L Carat Tank 6500 220 2390 x 2190 x 2100

Advantages of Carat Rainwater Harvesting Tank

  • Integrated filter technology packages suitable for house or garden applications
  • Can be driven over by cars (when combined with a telescopic cast iron cover)
  • Low weight – making it easy to transport
  • Modular Design – can be extended in any way
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Tank warranty – 15 years


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