Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and purification of natural rainfall.

With rising water rates domestic and industry users are seeking ways to minimise water costs whilst ensuring a dependable water supply.  JFC offer an extensive range of over and underground rainwater harvesting and water storage systems suitable for potable and non-potable use to address the challenges associated with water shortages and increasing water prices.


Reduces water charges:

Rainwater captured from domestic roofs can be reutilised acting as a direct substitute for up to 50% of domestic water needs.

Environmentally friendly:

Climate change has led to erratic rainfall patterns resulting in both flooding and droughts conditions.  Rainwater Harvesting mitigates these effects in the following ways:

  • Minimises stormwater run-off by storing water on site for subsequent use thus preventing downstream flooding.
  • Preserves groundwater supplies and eases the pressure on water mains supply resulting in more effective use of water which is particularly important during drought periods.
  • Reduces the effort and costs for water treatment and transport.
  • Lessens water and waste water costs.
  • Relieves sewage treatment systems where installed on a combined drainage system, as some rain is retained for use later after heavy rainfall and peak loads are reduced for the sewer network.

 Improve the security of supply:

Having a reserve of rainwater available can help mitigate the negative impacts of mains water supply interruptions. There have been increasing instances where the ability of mains water systems to adequately supply the population it serves come under significant pressure.  Effective water management planning will require an effective back-up system when mains water is under pressure and rainwater harvesting is the most environmentally friendly back-up system available. Furthermore, rainwater harvesting helps to extend the life of wells and other sources of groundwater supply that would otherwise be expended more quickly, thus preserving quality water supply for future generations.

Advantages of using a JFC Rainwater Harvesting System:


JFC offer a wide range of tank sizes to meet specific requirements.  Using the correct tanks for each application is critical eg. tanks which are too large for specific applications can cause water to stagnate causing potential health risks.

Easy to install:

The plastic used is robust yet light-weight, making them easier to install relative to concrete tanks.


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