The JFC 200L Grease Trap minimises pipe blockages by reducing the amount of grease (and other fat/oil based substances) entering the drainage system.

The GT02 is a fully contained 3 chamber unit which includes dual collection buckets and galvanised lids. Easy to install (instructions provided), it is suitable for new and existing waste water systems with 110mm piping.


Product Code Description Dimensions (mm) Material
GT02 Large Domestic Grease Trap (Includes buckets & lids) 1730 x 660 x 630 Polyethylene


The system comprises of 3 chambers:

Inlet Chamber

Wastewater flows into the Inlet chamber. And heavy waste solids are retained in the perforated filtering bucket. Some grease may solidify and rise to the top to form a layer of non-soluble greases. There is a baffle to retain un-trapped solids in this chamber.

Settlement Chamber:

Wastewater then flows under gravity from the inlet chamber to the settlement chamber. It acts as a buffer zone where the wastewater will circulate by natural currents to cool the remaining grease. Then the wastewater flows forward into the outlet chamber.

Outlet Chamber:

This chamber collects the remaining grease from the waste water and retains it in the perforated filtering bucket. The wastewater flows under gravity through the outlet. There is a baffle to retain any un-trapped solids in this chamber.


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