JFC Civils Hydro-Valve Novo

HydroValve Novo

The Hydro-Valve Novo is a vortex flow control device for throttling the flow rate of stormwater before discharge into a local storm drain or water course.

It is available in a range of sizes with varying flow rates to suit all specifications and is supplied with a Penstock which acts as a bypass facility to suit a specific specification. The system is used to control the flow of stormwater from the attenuation tank preventing downstream flooding during heavy rainfall.

Manufactured to customer specifications in order to achieve a specified flow rate at a given head height. This self-activating device uses the vortex principles to control and attenuate stormwater flow without the need for moving parts or the need for an external power source.

Features & Benefits

  • Typical flow rate: 1 – 50 l/s*
  • Typical head heights: 450-3000mm
  • Fast installation
  • Customised Specification
  • 3-6 times greater orifice CSA
  • Hydraulic data available

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