Our twinwall drainage pipe is made from HDPE polyethylene. It is manufactured by a twin extrusion process in which the two layers are simultaneously extruded one inside the other and heat welded together in one continuous step.

The outer wall is corrugated providing excellent structural strength which reduces the possibility of on-site damage. The inner wall has a smooth seamless finish to assist hydraulic flow. The design unlike traditional single-wall pipe prevents silt accumulation. Available in black as standard.

Independent studies have shown that a velocity of 0.5 metres per second is needed to ensure drainage pipe will clear itself of silt. JFC 110mm (4″) Twinwall pipe far exceeds this guideline with a maximum flow rate of 0.75 metres per second.

It is supplied either fully perforated or half perforated depending on application required. The small perforations in the pipe enable water to be collected and carried to away to a soakaway, water course or surface/rainwater drainage system.


Ideal for land drainage and flood risk management applications.


Product Code Description Internal Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Lengths/ pack
110TP 110mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 94.5 111.5 100
150TP 150mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 150 178 33
150TPH 150mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 150 178 33
225TP 225mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 225 265 14
225TPH 225mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 225 265 14
300TP 300mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 300 354 8
300TPH 300mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 300 354 8
375TP 375mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 372 426 5
375TPH 375mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 372 426 5
450TP 450mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 445 512 4
450TPH 450mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 445 512 4
600TP 600mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe™ 592 680 1
600TPH 600mm Half Perforated CorriPipe™ 592 680 1


  • Flow rates of up to 0.75 metres/second (Gradient of 1: 100)
  • Compression strength of 750 N
  • Up to 50% more efficient than single wall coil
  • Smooth internal plastic bore with reduced hydraulic resistance. Manning’s coefficient of 0.012 allows greater flow capacity and also a greater factor of safety. This also reduces  sediment or debris build-up when compared to concrete or steel.
  • Lightweight when compared to traditional materials such as concrete or steel E.G (Up to 90% lighter than concrete).
  • Fully leak tested  to HAPAS requirements when used with rubber seals.
  • Standard 6m lengths make it quick and easy to install, eliminating wastage and reduces labour and plant costs. E.G (Up to 6 times faster installation compared to concrete).
  • Parallel corrugations allow pipe to be easily cut square on site as required. (Spiral wound pipe makes it very difficult to create a square cut on site if required).
  • JFC CorriPipe™ is available unperforated, fully perforated or half perforated. 
  • Manufactured from exceptionally durable HDPE material with excellent corrosion resistance and long term performance.
  • Resistant to most naturally occuring chemicals and is therefore suitable for use on the majority of soil conditions.
  • Can typically be installed with cover depths from 0.6 to 10m*
  • Full range of fittings and accessories available

*Contact JFC for guidance on minimum and maximum burial depths.

*Calculations are based on Manning’s equation for calculating gravity flow in open channels.

Quality Assurance:

JFC CorriPipe™ is fully BBA (British Board of Agrément) approved to ensure reliability and long lasting service. It is supported with comprehensive technical support and a network of stockists.

The following Agrément Certificates have been awarded to JFC CorriPipe™ Twinwall Pipe

  • BBA, HAPAS Roads & Bridges Certificate No 02/H069 (150mm-600Ømm pipe inclusive)
  • JFC Drainage Pipe – Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/05548
  • Quality approved to internationally recognised ISO 9001 – 2008 standard

A range of accessories (Adaptors and reducers) are available for connection to traditional materials.

BBALogoCertNo02_H069 .png

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