Having identified the need in the market for a more compact design flow control unit JFC are delighted to introduce the Hydro-Valve Mini – a vortex flow control device which controls the flow of Stormwater leaving the storage facility before entering the local storm drain or water course. In doing so it minimizes potential flood risk.

It is available in a range of sizes with flow rates varying from 1 to 5 L/s* making it suitable for various specifications.

Designed specifically to fit through a 600mm manhole its compact design is extremely easy to install or retrofit onto the manhole. It can also easily removed without the need of specialist tooling for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

JFC Hydro-Valve Mini fits into one of the following manhole types depending on specification:

Curved Back (mm) Flat Back (mm)**
800 1500
1050 1800
1200 2100

**Requires a concrete shuttered wall on the inside of the manhole cover           

Hydro-Valve Mini 1 Hydro-Valve Mini 2
(Typical flow rate l/s)* (Typical flow rate l/s)*
1-3 1-5
Typical Head Heights Typical Head Heights
(mm)* (mm)*
400 – 3000 400 – 3000

*Contact JFC for further information

Features & Benefits
  • Extremely easy to install or retrofit
  • Fast installation – suitable for curved or flat back manholes
  • Small compact design
  • Stainless steel sliding vortex plate
  • Greater access to downstream pipe
  • Vortex chamber can be removed
JFC HydroValve Mini

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