JFC electricity cable markers are a strong and durable piece of safety equipment.

They are used to identify the location of buried utility services and serve as a warning signal to personnel working or excavating in close proximity to pipe or live cables. They also assist in preventing accidental damage to underground utility services and help to avoid/reduce expensive search costs.


Product Code Diameter (mm) Lenght (mm) Construction (mm) Typical installed Height above ground (mm)
STK90-1650-ECM 90 1650 Hollow 1350 – 1500
STK95-1800-ECM 95 1800 Solid (Composite) 1450 – 1600

Features & Benefits:

  • Reflective strips ensuring high visibility
  • Will not rot, decay, shrink or decompose
  • Extremely weather resistant (UV stabilised plastic)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Superior cohesion between plastic and the ground provides a strong and sturdy hold
  • Pointed at the bottom for ground penetration
  • 100% recyclable
JFC-Electricity Cable Markers

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