JFC manufacture a range of Junction definition posts. These posts provide a highly visible and safe means of alerting motorists to the presence and position of a junction.

The reflective green and white sheeting is used to provide excellent visibility in all weather conditions, and especially at night.

Made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), they are available in two sizes (150mmØ and 200mmØ). This hollow rotationally moulded design is designed to sheer off at the base if impacted. Sheer pegs can easily be replaced and the post reinstalled.

Product Code Description Dimensions (mm) Colours
JDP150 Junction Definition Post (suitable for regional roads) Ø 150 Green & White or Red & White
JDP200 Junction Definition Post (suitable for primary route road) Ø200 Green & White or Red & White
Junction Definition Post
Plastic Shear Pins (95mm x 10mm)
Galvanised Fixing Posts

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