The HydroChamber is an arched chamber attenuation system designed specifically for building underground storage tanks for stormwater runoff in attenuation and soak away applications.

Its superior design makes it suitable for building storage tanks under HGV trafficked and car park areas as well as non-trafficked areas (e.g. green amenity areas). JFC HydroChambers have many advantages over other similar products including BBA/WRc certification for HGV loading, superior structural strength, silt management, maintenance and inspection capabilities and cost effectiveness.

The HydroChambers are manufactured from high density polyethylene plastic and are backfilled with 35/50mm clean washed crushed stone. The corrugated arch shape of the HydroChamber provides excellent structural strength as shown in independently witnessed field tests where the chambers were exposed to loads 3.5 times greater than that expected in service.

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HydroChambers can be used in three different types of Stormwater management systems:
  • Infiltration / Soak-away System
  • Permeable Attenuation System
  • Impermeable Attenuation System

A site audit will determine the most suitable system.

Features & Benefits
  • WRc Approval                                Design and Installation Manuals provided
  • BBA Certification                          Sizing Calculator
  • Superior Structural Integrity      AutoCAD Drawings
  • Visual and Camera Inspection    Full Technical Assistance
  • Silt/Grit Management System    Installation Service
  • Stackable for storage on site
HydroChamber 800 Specification
  • Overall Dimensions (mm): 2325 x 1265 x 800
  • Installed Dimensions (mm): 2175 x 1265 x 800
  • Nominal Storage* (m³): 2.1 – 2.8 / Chamber
  • Lateral Flow: 114 Holes x Ø20mm
HydroChamber 800 Specification
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JFC Hydrochamber

*System storage is dependent on foundation depth, distribution pipe diameter and the overall system size.

See HydroChamber calculator for more details.

WRc Approved
JFC HydroChamber Site Image
Inspection & Maintenance

The HydroChamber is a unique attenuation system that minimises the entrance of grit / silt due to the two upstream catch-pit manholes.  Standard drain cleaning and inspection equipment allows maintenance and inspection to be conducted on the main distribution pipe.  Chamber rows can be camera inspected as required.

Make JFC your Stormwater Management Consultant and Provider

Inspection & Maintenance
  • Customised Stormwater management solutions in accordance with local authority legislation
  • Tank Sizing and calculations
  • Detailed report (for planning permission)
  • On site consultation
Supply and Installation Services

JFC offer a number of options when supplying and installing a Stormwater management system

  • Supply and install
  • Supply and supervise
  • Supply only

All JFC Stormwater management solutions include full excavation drawings

JFC also offer a number of services to enhance the supply and installation of the Stormwater management system.

These include:

  • Full Design Service
  • Stormwater Management Reports
  • Excavation Drawings
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Excel Calculators
  • Design Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • WRc / BBA Certification
  • Technical Presentations
  • Local Authority Support

*System storage is dependent on foundation depth, distribution pipe diameter and the overall system size.  See HydroChamber calculator for more details.

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